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About Us - Our Mission

•  We believe our practice will grow by providing beautiful and comprehensive state-of-the-art dentistry in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.
•  We consider our patients as part of our extended family and strive to provide each patient the same care we would for a loved one.
•  Our goal is to help our patients clarify and visualize their dental future. We promise to provide our patients the appropriate information they need in order to choose the best treatment option to meet their dental health goals.
•  We are dedicated to strengthening our skills through a commitment to personal growth and continuing education.
•  We believe all people are of equal value in the eyes of God and commit to treating our patients and each other with dignity and respect.

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Green Initiatives

Although our primary mission is to help our patients maintain and improve their oral health, we also believe in being good stewards of our environment. We are continually looking for ways to reduce our energy use, carbon footprint and the amount of general and toxic waste products. Here are a few of the ways that our office is working to go green.

Digital Imaging and toxic waste products

We recently completed the transition to fully digital x-rays. In addition to using less radiation, the use of digital imaging eliminates the need for toxic chemicals to develop the image and the lead foil waste generated by traditional film.

Our amalgam separator, a special water filtration system, allows for the environmentally sound disposal of old silver-mercury amalgam fillings. It physically removes over 99% of the amalgam particles from the waste water to prevent mercury pollution of our streams and rivers.

Energy Use

Programmable thermostats reduce the need to heat and cool the office during non-business hours. Energy efficient bulbs and ballasts are used wherever possible.

Water Savings

Our disposal system uses a waterless RamVac Vacuum pump to create suction. As a dry system, no extra water is used.

Paper Consumption and Waste

We recently completed the transition to a completely computerized charting and record system. Insurance claims are sent electronically, and even many insurance payments are being received electronically. Optional patient communications by email and text for appointment confirmations and other communications reduce the use of paper.

We recycle paper, magazines, cardboard, ink cartridges and other materials wherever possible.

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